9 Of The Best Hair Care and Supplements Products From Prose

Prose aims to help everyone improve their hair care and supplement routine by providing a wide range of products with natural ingredients. There are options for general cleansing and conditioning, intense repair treatments, and some fun styling tools. Here are 9 of the best options in their store right now.

Let’s start with one of the more basic options. This natural shampoo uses botanical extracts, vitamins, honey, and biotin for a gentle cleanse while adding volume and strength. It smells great and has no nasty parabens or sulfates.

After using the shampoo, you may want to add the matching conditioner to your regimen for great care and nourishment. It is full of natural oils and plant extracts to repair hair and leave it shiny.

Sometimes a dry shampoo is a more convenient option for on-the-go hair care. Prose has you covered with this great powder-dry solution that works at the roots and freshens up your hair after a long day.

Another alternative solution for conditioning your hair is this leave-in conditioner. Here, the powerful active ingredients have time to get deep into the hair without leaving it limp and greasy. It is also small and portable enough for travel.

Sometimes we need a little more than a good conditioner to revive damaged and lackluster hair. It pays to treat ourselves with a more intense hair oil treatment to really add moisture and shine. This potent solution has a convenient dropper because a little goes a long way.

Another fun way to give yourself a bit of a spa-like treatment at home on a day off is to use a hair mask before washing your hair. This thick mask uses jojoba and caster oil to help repair hair and add deeper protection.

You might want to go a little deeper with your treatment and use something that targets the roots and scalp. This solution is designed to soothe dry and irritated scalps while also promoting hair growth. As with all these products, this is achieved via a wonderful blend of natural plant extracts.

Then there are the products that offer help with styling to help that newly treated and cleansed hair look at its best for longer. The curl cream is a must-have for frizz-free curls and beautiful texture. The addition of the arginine for heat protection is perfect before touching up hair with tongs.

Finally, there is the option of the styling gel. This gel works wonders for holding hairstyles in place without the need for any chemical hairsprays or crunchy lacquers. It looks and feels great, thanks to the clever blend of rice water, okra, and oats.

As this list shows, there is the potential for a full regimen of products for hair care and supplements at Prose. The complimentary items and soothing natural formulas make the range a great choice for all hair care needs.


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