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Something About Party Dresses To Accessories

To attend a banquet party, in addition to dressing outside the body, the collocation of jewelry is also particularly key. What kind of jewelry should you wear to a dinner party? If attending a wedding, to exquisite jewelry; Commercial banquets are good for simple and elegant jewelry; Small, delicate jewelry is more suitable for family gatherings… Below, Xiaobian shares different occasions jewelry-wearing skills, letting your party be more eye-catching.

1. Wedding reception

Jewelry-wearing principle: When attending a wedding banquet, remember not to dress up too ostentatious to steal the protagonist’s thunder, but also can not lose dignity, in jewelry wearing is not much, to be delicate, but also pay attention to the collocation of the overall clothing. Jewelry collocation points: bling diamond earrings, clavicle chains integrating fashion elements, and exquisite bracelets are the first choice for wedding jewelry, bright but not too high-profile. Men can wear a bracelet, or vegetarian ring, to show a gentleman.

2. Business banquets

Jewelry-wearing principle: When attending formal business banquets, dress mainly for formal clothes. In the collocation of jewelry, simple and elegant style should be the main style. Accessories should only be an embellishment, not too fancy. Jewelry collocation points: women can use earrings, necklaces, brooches, and other simple jewelry, with the same tailored dress or simple dress, dry and temperament; Men wear more formal clothes, with tie clips, cufflinks, and watches, from these details to show their rigorous work attitude.

3. Family gatherings

Jewelry-wearing principle: In family gatherings attended by parents and elders, accessories should be small and exquisite, avoid exaggerated and complicated jewelry, make the whole person appear dignified, stable, and temperament, and leave a good impression on elders. Jewelry collocation points: women can use sterling silver, K-gold necklaces, earrings, and collocation simple dresses, embellished with bright points but do not let the overall style plain; Men can choose a jade bracelet, jade Guanyin pendant, low-key connotation, but also make the whole person more gentle.

Different banquets have different ways of matching jewelry. Choosing the right way of matching can make us better integrate into the banquet.


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