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The 6 Winter Boots Trends You Need To Know

Winter boot trends are out! Do you want to know the top winter boots trends? These are the most wearable 6 winter boots trends you need to know.

  1. Edgy boots

When we say edgy boots, we are referring to the ones with those chunky elements, such as the iconic dr. Martens, boots with studs, buckles, chains, etc. If you are an avid reader of the vanity magazine you already know which are the biggest winter fashion trends for 2022. For that reason, expect edgy boots to completely invade every collection of your favorite brand.

  1. Platforms

Platforms were huge last year! However, this year they are even stronger, especially since Versace released a lot of satin heels with platforms in bold colors that went absolutely viral on social media. One thing we are sure, short girls will be glad that this trend is back, me included! I love platforms, and they are a must-have in my wardrobe.

  1. Cowboy boots

The western style is also back! Now, more than ever, cowboy boots are the trendiest boots on the market. However, not the conventional cowboy boot you are used to seeing. The designer opted to revamp the typical cowboy boot style into a more trendy, fun, and stylish one.

  1. Massive boots

Another huge trend this season is the massive boots that go past the knee, giving almost the effect of a pair of trousers. Not to mention that they will not only keep you extra warm but also enables you to wear shorts, mini skirts and also short dresses during the coldest months.

  1. Baggy boots

Just like the massive boots we just discussed, these super baggy boots have been super trendy lately. They have that elegant designer look without being flashy or tacky.

Fashion is a playground, and designers are inviting everyone to play along. So, what do you guys think? Which one would you like?


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