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The Biggest Fashion Trends for 2023

We’re going big and bold with the way we dress in 2023. We’re entering our main character era, which means we’ll be dressing up for fun. Are you ready? These are the biggest fashion trends we’ll see in 2023:

  1. Airy Styles

Ultra-femme fashion experienced a bit of a renaissance in 2022, with more of us opting for floaty fabrics and feminine silhouettes. This is a trend embedded in romance, with an aesthetic centered around light pastel shades, and sheer fabrics.

  1. Sci-fi Fits

2023 fashion will be light years ahead. Searches for dystopian outfits and futuristic fits will spike as Gen Z and Millennials opt for cyber streetwear, galactic glasses, and gamer girl styles. The interplay between the digital future and cyber aesthetics has led to”sci-fi fits”.

  1. Boudoir Dressing

A trend carrying over from 2022 is the “underwear as outerwear” piece, which (as the name suggests) will see us incorporating our undergarments into our visible, everyday wardrobe. This spans from corsets and lingerie detailing to bralettes, visible thongs, and risque sleepwear.

  1. Fringe Fashion

Don’t be fooled by this one; while it may be the unofficial uniform of cowboys, flappers, and bohemian festival-goers, fringe is getting a glamorous update in 2023. Fringe will make itself known everywhere, from subtle detailing along cuffs and hemlines to all-over full-fringe drama.

  1. Column Dressing

Another carry-over trend from 2022 indulges a love for color – one shade at a time. Column dressing involves wearing one color shoulder to hemline, which creates one long unbroken vertical line, giving a visual illusion of looking taller and slimmer-making it a win-win.

  1. Purple Hues

Whether you’re fond of a pretty pastel, muted mauve, or funky Fuschia, there’s room in everyone’s wardrobe for this wonderful color in 2023. Many designers have included the color in their SS23 collections too, indicating it will likely flourish well into next year.

Fashion waits for no one, and when it comes to trends they fly by at lightspeed.


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