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Something About Buying Unique Gifts

Unique gifts can bring people a feeling of heart. Next, I will introduce several unique gifts for your reference

1. Transparent luminous notepad

“Like, is to record every moment” this is a record of the life of the photo board, and TA watches every movie, reading list can be recorded, a wireless rounded wooden base to make the desktop cleaner, put in 3 seven batteries can light up, handwriting can be erased by paper towels, reusable ~ so that we can capture every moment of life like. The important thing is to be with them

2. kaka Little Yellow Duck Night Light

“Light will light up like” very beautiful little yellow duck oh, like rough marble texture, quite advanced, open can emit a very warm light, workmanship is also quite good.

3. Astronaut blocks

“Pile up the power of sailing with you” is a heartbeat of building blocks, very high-cost performance, very delicate small gifts, although a little trouble to put together, stand the test.

4. Blackhole diffuser

The “Smell the Universe” fragrance diffuser looks cool and romantic. Black hole Stone fragrance diffuser is so unique to have in your home. Essential oil taste is also very good, when using the general drop of 4-5 drops on the moon, put the bedroom taste very rich, starting from the appearance level, love the taste!

5. Reverse the film

“Romance of the last Century” Film from the last century is just as full of surprises as a blind box. The owner will send you the film at random and you don’t know what it is until you receive it! As if in the last century and people across the air communicate! The most special niche gift!

6. Little Fancy Wine Gift Box

“Tipsy you, it seems more moving” festival visit friends and relatives how little gift box, this wine gift box appearance level is very high, but also just tipsy wine. Meaning is also very good, three bottles, three flavors, friends around are quite like, equipped with two shot glasses together to toast, drunk to the feeling is the highest temperature, also use to teach brothers.

What about it? Do you have a present you like?


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