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Something About How To Shop For Branded Clothes?

How to buy brand clothing is believed to be the question we all want to know, and then recommend a few practical good methods

1. E-commerce platform activities

On Singles’ Day, Singles’ Day, Singles’ Day, 618, 818, and holidays, e-commerce platforms will offer discounts, which are cheaper than usual. Especially on Singles’ Day, the discount range is very large, and there are many red envelopes and coupons on Tmall. I remember that on Singles’ Day in 2013, I bought an Ali Cloud os mobile phone with a coupon and a red envelope, which only cost me 140 yuan. I’ve bought quite a few in recent years, but that’s the one I remember the most. E-commerce platform purchase also has an advantage, buy a home that is not suitable, or does not want it, and you can refund for 7 days without reason. That’s very good service.

2. Outlets

The positioning of the Ole store is the low price of the brand. If you have an Ole store in your city, then congratulations to you. Fortunately, the clothes inside are basically below 50% discount, of course, the new season will not have too much discount.

Outlets are generally located in the suburbs, far away from the center of the city, the past trip will take time. If it’s a holiday, it’s good to take the family shopping. Hangzhou side of the outlet is in the suburbs, with only sand boats in the city, subway line can direct, to the center of the citizen’s station to get off. It is recommended to go on weekends, as many brands will have special activities, and the transportation is very convenient.

3. Special sales held by some local shopping malls.

Some shopping malls will choose specific times to do special sales to attract people. Sales are generally brand stock clearance, are previous years, but the quality is barre drop, and the price is also very beautiful. If you’re lucky, you can still find a lot of good stuff.

4. Internal purchase meeting of the brand factory.

If there is an industrial park or production base for women’s clothing in your city, haha, that’s great. There are usually directly operated factory stores around the factory, and the manufacturers will occasionally take out some inventory for internal purchase. The price is too low, even then the new price is very low, nothing to Amoy, really a lot of good goods, are brand genuine.

Compared with the new high price, I think for the income of not many office workers and students, the price ratio of the sale is quite high. Brand clothes even in previous years, as long as the style is beautiful, good workmanship, and low price, are completely available.


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