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Something About Winter Accessories

I would like to recommend some good things to keep you warm in winter. I hope I can help you

1. zls Rechargeable hand Warmer

Pros: Long heating time, lasts for 8 hours Before my winter favorite was the electric heating water bag, which I carried everywhere like a kangaroo. Warm is very warm, but every two hours almost have to charge it again.

The more than 10 minutes of interruption, the indescribable loss, and the huge emptiness in my soul were the unbearable lightness of my life… So I was really happy when I found this electric hand warmer!!

Small, portable, at any time to save a life, work in the cold wind waiting for the bus, have this save life ah! It fits in one hand, weighs about as much as a mobile phone, and has no pressure in the pocket.

Friends who use Apple as a power bank report that it is about enough to charge 2 times…

2. Hot foot pads or electric shoes

Pros: Save electricity. Power is not high, open a day does not use much money, very suitable for the student party rental party.

It’s warm. There is a saying that warm feet are not cold. It’s easy to wash. After all, the ground will inevitably get dirty, but this cloth cover can be taken down to wash.

3. Scarf

Aside from the tie, scarves are surely the only real opportunity for men to wear solid patterns in a traditional wardrobe. A solid cashmere scarf certainly has a fine, luxurious texture, but a Paisley pattern is the perfect imitation of a tie.

4 Gloves

People don’t talk much about gloves, maybe now they’re going from garage to garage, and driving gloves don’t seem very practical to most people. But gloves, like shoes, are made of high-quality leather and can last a lifetime.

Gloves have sheepskin, this pursuit of delicate touch can be made a little more delicate.

5 Hats

Hats have always been a must-have item, both in China and abroad, but in modern times, the habit of wearing hats has become hard to see. But it also makes the hat accessory a brave man’s game. There are so many hats out there, the safest choice is the Fedora, and in terms of material, wool is the way to go.

Hope these winter accessories can help you live happily through the cold winter.


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