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8 Must-Have Makeup Essentials

Having the perfect face makeup kit shouldn’t be a hassle. In this article, we have gathered 8 award-winning facial makeup essentials from ILIA which are not only of high quality but with great value for money.

The True Serum foundation comes in 30 different shades making it compatible and easily blendable with skin tones. It is silky, breathable, and provides great coverage. It contains Niacinamide and Allantoin which holds your makeup in place for long hours and subdues any wrinkles, pore and redness you may have.

Add a bit more colourful moisture to your face and lips with the Color Haze. This cream blush doesn’t only moisturize but nourishes your skin. It features a bright deep berry undertone which blends into a natural-looking soft wash of colour. The Color Haze has won quite a number of reputable awards including:

* Best Lipstick
* Best Green Makeup
* Best Cream Blush

The Daylite Highinglting power provides that ultimate facial glow you need for all occasions. It features a buttery and silky-soft texture complemented by a golden metallic finish which adds depth and accentuates your face bone. It is made from mono-material compact for easy recycling, it also won Glamour’s Best Clean Highlighter in 2021.

If you want a more subtle glow than what a powder highlighter offers, then you might want to check out the Liquid Light Serum highlighter. This highlighter doesn’t only accentuate your facial structure but is filled with Marine Actives which protects your skin against UV. This serum highlighter provides a multi-dimensional glow which has a serum-like consistency giving your face a misty and bright finish.

Keep your skin refreshed and hydrated with the Blue Light mist. This non-stick mist doesn’t only hydrate but it protects your skin from pollutants and blue light stressors while allowing you to set your skin up for makeup. It features a sweet and delicate lavender smell which keeps your face smelling great and free from bacteria.

The Multi-Stick is the ideal colouration for your lips and cheeks. It is easy to apply and easy to wipe with any cleansing tool. Whether you need a more natural look or a luminous effect, there is an option for you. With over 12 shades available, and 4 recognized awards, the Multi stick is the ideal lipstick for you.

This talc-free powder is the ideal facial hydration and softening powder. With every application, you can be assured of a translucent, weightless feeling and an undetectable finish thanks to the fact that it has been milled 5 times. The Soft Focus finishing powder is infused with anti-bacterial and oil-balancing properties ensuring that you have a healthy and glowing look.

For an easy luminous-tanned look, the NightLite Bronzing powder gets the job done. This bronze powder features a buttery feeling, which adds a natural warmth anytime you want to pull off stronger contours.


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