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Go Cool This Summer With These Top 9 Pants And Bottoms

So, what’s the most perfect pair of pants? One that does not force you to sacrifice comfort for style! So, your go-to pair of pants and bottoms has to be comfortable, and elegant, work with a variety of tops, and above all it has to fit well.

Is it hard to find a pair that combines all of that? Yes, but certainly not impossible. In fact, if you are looking to add a few such pieces to your wardrobe, here is a list of the top 9 pants and bottoms that look great and feel just as good.

These are airy enough for the sweltering weather without being too swingy. The stretch cotton sateen gives these wide-leg pants a snug, tailored fit that looks exceptional.

In fact, the way this pair sits across the hips and around the thighs makes it a perfect match for a tucked-in long-sleeved blouse or a sleeveless, summery, loose tank top. Plus, the cropped legs are ideal when you want to show off your summer footwear.

These off-duty pants in the subtle and elegant midnight blue put comfort above all else. The fabric is stretchy chambray so it’s soft on the skin and it offers an enviable fit. In fact, the natural fall of the fabric practically makes it move with you.

Add to this the jogger style fit that includes tapered legs and you have the perfect casual day wear that looks awesome with any summery top out there.

This is the skirt to don when you want to play it cool in more ways than one. No frills, no glitter, yet this is a piece that is elegant, understated, stylish, and flirty all at once.

Available in brass, black, purple, and print, the design includes an elastic waist so you can slip it on easily and a flirty nifty slit at the hem. The silhouette has a free-flowing quality that makes this skirt breezy and gives you ample latitude to twirl and sway.

If your summer wardrobe does not include these pull-on pants, you sure are missing out on the quintessential dose of casual chic. Available in an array of gorgeous summer shades and crafted from signature stretch linen, these pull-on plants simply glide over the skin and float effortlessly as you move about.

Plus, the straight legs and relaxed fit make it one of the most breathable options in this list of summer pants and bottoms. And if that’s not enough, this pair comes with deep pockets too, how’s that for comfort and convenience rolled into one?

This is the pair of pants that you can jog in, work in and even sleep in, that’s really how comfortable and breathable it is. And why not, the fabric is 100% linen with just the right amount of stretch added to boot.

So, you get all the pluses of linen such as superior body temp regulation, moisture wicking, and airiness, and with all of that, you also get a fit that is nothing short of a head turner.

You could say comfort never looked better. This pair has a drawstring waist, elastic cuffs, and of course the much-needed pockets.

If you are looking for the coolest fabric this summer, you can’t go wrong with cupro. It is vegan, environmentally friendly, incredibly soft and comfortable and above all it has a look that is no less attractive than that of silk.

So, don’t be surprised if these printed pants attract attention everywhere you go. Couple the pair with a top in blocked print and you will be all set for a day out in the sun.

Not in the mood to experiment? Then, go with something that works all the time and for everybody- The practical shorts! Now, be warned, this pair does look like your everyday summer shorts. Yet, it’s so much more than that.

For starters, the fabric is textured twill, so at half the weight you get the uncompromising sharpness of a tailored pair of pants. Plus, it has enough stretch to offer you a sophisticated fit while being extremely comfortable. In fact, this pair of shorts fit so well that once you don it, you will reach out for it every second day.

No summer wardrobe can be complete without a pair of culottes and if you can only own one, then it should be this stunning creation.

Offered in the “works-with-all” black and white, these culottes are designed to provide a softer-than-soft crepe lining on the inside and a chic matte look on the outside. So, no matter how many hours you spend strutting in them, the culottes will look fabulous and make you feel great.

Because they fall below the knee, they are perfect to show off those strappy heels and they come with an elastic back waist so, you can simply pull them on and go about your day.

Without a doubt summer and shorts are a perfect pair, but sometimes it just gets boring. After all, a pair of shorts is just that, so this year if you want the summery style with a bit of an edge, try these new-age crossover shorts,

They are every bit as comfortable and flirty as your regular summer denim shorts but the crossover front detail makes them different from anything that you may already have.

The construction is durable and you get the fitted waist and hip but there is never any compromise on comfort because these shorts are made from 4-way stretchable fabric. In a nutshell, these shorts are super soft, incredibly durable, and look fantastic.


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